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Cucamonga Christian Fellowship // Iglesia Cristiana


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11376 5th St



In 1983, Kukamonga Christian Fellowship (CCF) was born without a building or budget through a core group of nine adults and three children gathered in the living room. Over the years, many local and global ministries have been working actively, and the CCF has become known as a place where people can connect, equip, and minuit. The Rancho Campus and Redlands Campus of the CCF are both places where people in the community connect God and people around them, strengthen these important relationships through the knowledge of the Bible, serve each other in the field of gifts, and influence the society for Christ.

Established in 1983


Wherever you go, you'll be welcomed by CCF Rancho. I believe that the CCF is a place called home, with programs for all ages, government ministries through food and other resources, dynamic worship, biblical teaching, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing you. We hope you will join our service soon. Let me know you met YELP!