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The Brian E. Law Office, Skivy, was founded in 2001 with the understanding that it will give people prosecuted for crimes in Southern California good legal representation. Over the past 13 years, we have been giving priority to the benefits of our customers. We want to continue our mission to help our customers for years to come.

Established in 2001


For a comprehensive legal defense against the Warden, please contact your Brian E legal representative at Rancho Cucomga's legal office. Skivy. He has more than 20 years of experience and helps individuals in difficult legal situations. The company provides 24 hours of emergency assistance as arrest can occur at any time. In addition, the lawyer provides a payment plan to work at reasonable rates and make the overwhelming situation more unbearable. Lawyer Rancho Kukamonga provides direct defense for each customer and prepares each case as if it were brought to court. Don't have the freedom to take the opportunity and ask for a free case assessment. Available 24x7

Brian Skivy is a Rancho Kukamonga detective and has won fame with diligence and legal skill. He works patiently for his customers to protect their rights. I went to the southwestern law school in Los Angeles, got a law degree and started the legal path. He then worked for one of the largest criminal law offices in Southern California. Later, Scyby started his own business to help more than 2,000 customers take criminal responsibility. From his sincerity, commitment and experience, he is highly praised by local judges and local lawyers. (909) Call 695-0095 to see how it can help your case.   Available 24x7

Brian S.
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Brian is thorough and honest, and calls me right away.  During the incident he gave me enough information...Thanks Bryan for canceling that later! !

12/30/2020 05:21am



The lawyer is a salesman. This year there was an unfortunate incident, so we met some lawyers and learned it. In the first interview, we held the best show with a goal to hire you. That's nothing wrong. However, if you have excessive promises, but performance is poor, you should be careful. Brian Skivy is the best example. He showed us the wonderful world in our interview. But he didn't pass. Without detailed information, he was very weak and did not do what he should do. And it is highly likely that we have ruined our case. Not only that, he doesn't return calls, messages, or reply in three days. Since he didn't tell us important information on time, we passed the deadline for decision.  When he called, he said, "The next payment is due." Even though I could make advance payments, I was glad that I could make a payment plan. We met another lawyer, and then he realized that he had not done all he could to benefit our case. He didn't even care to summon a cop who lied to his report. It's a pity that there's a need for a lawyer, but I can't tell you how bad it will be if you get the wrong lawyer.

01/02/2021 12:27am