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John Luke has practiced law in the Empire of Japan for the past 40 years. Between 1976 and 1997, 85% of the Pomona criminal defense and 15% of the citizens took charge. Since 1997, Rancho Kukamonga has been doing this. Those who are held responsible for criminal offenses, those who consider divorce, and those who face civil suits can call for free consultation in 484-1963. Current: John D. Luke Previous: Arthur Jaffee Legal Affairs Bureau Education: University of La Verne University of California, Santa Barbara, J.D.

Established in 1976


Luke at John D's law firm, we have been protecting the rights of the Southern California people since 1976. We have a comprehensive understanding of the District Court system and know how to work within the system to help you get the results you need. Dell has been successful with our communication and personal services efforts to ensure that all of your case development and future options are fully delivered. We will provide you with details on your situation so you can build a strategy to help you achieve your goals. We focus on crime defense, civil suits and family law.

For over 40 years, John D. Luke has been actively representing customers in Southern California and has been in charge of criminal defense and civil suits. Have a comprehensive understanding of laws and legal procedures, carefully explain issues and actively participate in decisions that affect you. Fully communicate to the customer all development and decisions that affect the customer case and information about the customer's choices.

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I highly recommend that Mr. Luke and his assistant Gabby be of great use. They are very friendly. I was very satisfied with this law office.

12/26/2020 12:31am



This law firm is a reputable business! I will help him personally. Very honest, fast, professional-class. I will come back whenever I need his work again.

01/01/2021 10:52am



John Luke and his team gave me a good experience. If I have a question, I can tell they will get an answer. Mr. Luke not only helped me but also helped my family and friends. When Mr. Luke meets me and the result of the trial is successful, the stress of going to the trial seems to disappear.
I strongly recommend this business!

12/30/2020 03:07am



This man is wonderful. He is a genius lawyer working hard on your case. I had a complicated family law problem and Luke took time  His efforts and determination are not enough to thank him for his vigorous efforts in my defense to fully understand all aspects of it. If you need a good lawyer who can be trusted and can work hard for you, John D. Luke is the best.

12/25/2020 06:15am



Mr. Luke and his staff make me feel important and treat your problem as a top priority. He is a professional and honest man, and I'm sure he was always the most interested. When you look for lawyers, you need someone you can trust and you can know exactly what they are doing. Recommended!

12/31/2020 02:51pm