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Wow, I've been counting two years. They hold the ransom of your check/money because they are unknown. One day, when I meet directly, one day, and two days later, I say nothing and say little money. I can't believe it. I'd like to ask you to do a study called "Go somewhere else."  "Please," I asked. Don't say that someone who's suffering until today doesn't like you. Had I known my friend, I would have saved up some money. It was very sad that they came to help you, and it was a terrible trial for me. Contact the people of BBB. The other person looks at someone and raises a complaint with the city hall. That's what I'm very sorry about when they're doing terrible, bad, uneducated work. F-

01/03/2021 01:43am



They should not even receive one star! They robbed me of my money saying that I had a big incident and kept in touch with me. After a few months, I was told I had no incident! I asked them for reimbursement, but they refused and complained to the arbitration of the San Bernardino County Bar Association. Don't go to them repeatedly or do anything!
Don't be one of their victims! I'm not a real lawyer working on your case! In the case of victims, they apply for arbitration to pay fees to them in order to recover the money.

12/31/2020 01:18pm



We need people who can get through their work and handle their customers well. These people smell like they are not receiving customer service. The worst of both worlds.

12/27/2020 12:55pm



Don't go to this law firm, if you get the money, you won't get a phone call pretending to only take the money. Only one real lawyer was, and it was hell that he really got old. As for the bar association of lawyers, I report them, all they have promised, all they are fake, all they have bad experience in customer service, and not even the phone they did not notify. I've been calling on the phone for 15 minutes, and they've brought a suit in line with their contract, and I've got my money back, and I've done the same thing if someone needs it, and if this law firm says it's fake, I don't steal the money, I've put it in the worst way

01/03/2021 10:02am



I think I'm on the same ship as someone in this unfortunate people. I went to Philippe Myers and paid $2,000 to my confidence in living. I know I'll get a $900 bill. I didn't record any more trust. I'm calling about that and can't get an answer. Go to another place! !!!

01/02/2021 10:29am



At first, I'm very concerned. Do not reply later. They gave me wrong advice  I paid 1,000 yen for nothing. I don't recommend them.

12/26/2020 09:06pm



Myers is full of combatants and is working hard so his customers can get their own worth of relief. It is also very easy to access by phone or email, without having to go to the company when it is needed. I am very satisfied with my experience  We recommend it to Mr. Meier and his staff and those who need to support bankruptcy, immigration and civil litigation.

01/02/2021 01:38am



I went to Philippe Meyer's law firm to learn about the trust that was alive and they did a great job. I'm glad I could help you! !!

12/30/2020 06:16am



Nobody got along anymore. He is kind and considerate. They went to help us and informed us what we expected of our case. We have introduced some family and friends in personal matters, so we don't run out of their services. I'll call you next time.

12/31/2020 02:43pm



Don't use this company. It's a complete fraud.  They later ordered payment of $1,500, even though they said they would do nothing for our immigration.  They said that if we could open the case again after receiving another service that this company did not offer, the funds could be raised.  They asked me to return the money to go to another place, but later they said they could not refund the money because they had already submitted the documents.  They did not give them permission to submit this document, and the woman Vanessa never called us back and ignored our call.  My husband came to talk to her. The receptionist on the telephone said she was out and called. I called another number, didn't say why I was calling, and said that I was busy today.  They take your money and avoid you if they find they can't help you.  They say that we have to make a bill for the bank because we don't want to refund our money.

12/31/2020 12:01am