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&Newman; Allen is a skilled defense company that deals with sexual, murder, and white-collar crimes. They handle felony and minor crimes and have nearly 20 years of legal experience. Since 1996, he has been able to handle various cases. Every time I go to trial, I do not settle the second-class defense strategy, but thoroughly prepare for it. Rancho Kukamonga, a former prosecutor, is a former prosecutor, who peels through and understands the other side of the court. Are you ready to fight fire? Contact your company for a free case assessment.





&Newman; Allen showed the highest level of professionalism and discretion in legal matters. The company was easy to get close to, eager for help, phoned in a timely manner, gave customers a sense of security and needed legal expertise on sensitive matters. We recommend it to our customers.

12/28/2020 03:22pm



With really solid advice, I couldn't get their services. I thanked them for taking the time to discuss, listen, and express my honest opinion to me.

12/31/2020 09:21pm



JC is great. In the low days of my life, she really helped me and made things easier and smoother for me. I recommend her to anyone

12/25/2020 02:26pm



Allen must be one of the best detective lawyers I've ever met. I was very satisfied with the result of the incident that she helped me. She does not allow BS, does not allow BS, does the best expression and condemnation of her client, recommends to anyone who is very sharp, trusted and reliable, she is a woman of words and treats you as a member of the family. I am very grateful that the original lawyer told her about my case.

01/02/2021 08:53am



I am very satisfied with the results of the legal problems. Mention those who need a good lawyer who can be trusted.

12/25/2020 09:43pm



Newman and Allen are great lawyers I strongly recommend. I was afraid of what I did, and the lawyer did a wonderful job. My lawyer is excellent and I recommend it to everyone. Not only did he help me with my case, but he also calmly explained what would happen in this case. Thank you again 110%!

12/25/2020 12:28pm



I was very satisfied with the service I got from Newman & amp. Allen.  My brother's situation was very complicated, and he was accused of a terrible crime he did not do, but Newman & amp; Thanks to Allen's law firm, my brother's case was dissolved.  My family and I are very grateful for finding this law firm.  I really recommend it to people who need a lawyer and the price is fair. We also have a payment plan and work with you at each stage of the process.

01/01/2021 08:59pm



Jioff is the best detective lawyer I know. always well prepared, and eagerly supporting his client. Call a detective lawyer if you need one.

12/26/2020 03:19am



Don't hesitate to call me right away! Newman seeks the best possible result and gets it! He will always update the case details and make sure he knows what is happening. He is neither considerate nor professional, nor useful. Mr. Newman was the real blessing of my life. If I have to stand a court in the future, Mr. Newman is on my side. He is the best lawyer in Southern California.

12/31/2020 11:27am