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The Blue Row Group was established on the principle that all parties should have the right to represent the law. We can talk to you in all cases for free, so you can ask your customers questions and understand the steps they need to express before spending money. Our mission statement is always a "relentless" expression that we've worked hard on for our customers. We are bilingual and have broad experience and expertise. Legal teams can represent customers with high value that many companies cannot achieve.

Established in 2008


Unlike other boutique law firms that operate in a single field, the law requires more business for customers. We're prepared to address a variety of practice areas that may be intertwined with your tax concerns. It deals with the Tax Act, the Employment Act, the Penal Code, civil suits, and business laws. I'd like to talk to you today!





Thank you to the blue law group for helping me overcome my case. After consulting many lawyers, Michael Blue and his group treated me like a human for the first time. They were deeply interested in my case and worked with me to get over it. Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and eager to fight for customers. He is truly proud to do things right. His staff are just as compassionate and helpful. Anyone who thinks of family law or tax accountant will recommend his office.

12/27/2020 11:55pm



If I were given a zero star, I would give it.  My case has changed from a very simple one to a very complex one, and I have charged a vast amount of money.  I don't know what the company is doing, it's a 100% swindler.  A brief brief briefs turned to 100 pages and the judge didn't want to see...  make clear as long as one doesn't want to strip

12/27/2020 07:16pm



Mr. Blue is very knowledgeable, very expert, and most importantly he was taking care of his client. He takes time to make sure that he has examined every detail. He is absorbed in what he does and makes 110% effort. I recommend Mr. Blue's efforts.

12/28/2020 06:40pm



I was surprised to learn that Blue Law Group lawyer Michael Blue has a lot of expertise in many areas. He is filing a civil suit on changing a loan that cheats people. Blue is like a grizzly bear in court. He is passionate and fighting for your rights. The office and staff were kind, helpful and professional. If you are looking for a faithful and diligent lawyer, I would recommend Mr. Blue.  He also handled the recent car accident.

12/30/2020 09:55pm