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Paul S. Geller, after serving as L.A. District Attorney's Office and Deputy District Attorney's Office, has followed criminal law through Southern California since 2003 and has been defending those accused of crimes. His experience as a lawyer and his ability to avoid prosecution, reject lawsuits, reduce prosecutions, minimize punishment, and defend people at criminal courts have been voted on every year by members and customers of the highest-ranking criminal lawyer throughout Southern California. He also believes in "lawyers", his fellow lawyers, and their actions, and has support staff and bail that treat customers the same with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. "Protect your rights and protect your freedom." —not just slogans, but devotion to our actions.

Established in 2003


We are asking you to do what you want and treat it like you do. Criminal charges affect someone's life, personally, as a professional...And it is necessary for those who have access to the experienced lawyers, former prosecutors, judges, prosecutors, and courts, who handle cases with proper care, to be prosecuted. Communicate directly with your customers, treat them like family members, help them become unfamiliar and threatening times. By rejecting accusations, reducing penalties, and overcoming the complexity of the criminal justice system, our success rate creates Paul S's law firm. Geller is one of the top crime-defense companies in Southern California.

Having a diverse background is one of the reasons why Mr. Geller can negotiate and effectively discuss the case. Mr. Geller from Southern California played university baseball and achieved leadership with a Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado University in Boulder. After two years of corporate life in San Francisco, he went to law school in the southwest and returned to Los Angeles. Los Angeles District Prosecutor & Ampere #39; At his office, he volunteered and worked at all law schools. After graduating from law school, he was L.A.D.A.&A.&A;#39; For several years, he was employed as a lawyer in someone's office and tried all kinds of cases ranging from the DUI to murder.   His experience has helped him to shape and build his ability to communicate and interact with all ethnic groups, faiths, and people of all backgrounds, during trials with courts, prosecutors and judges.   He devotes himself to his practice and places people around him who do the same thing.

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