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Were you arrested for a crime? If you are facing a DUI or other criminal offense, you may be at risk for all future crimes. Kirk Turman & amp; At the law firm, we have more than 19 years of experience in the penal code and continue to provide severe defense to residents in and around San Bernardino. We are determined to protect your rights and best interests by reducing or rejecting your claims altogether.

Kirk Turman & amp; A legal office associate exists and provides the necessary support. If you are charged, you should not hesitate to ask for help from a Rancho Kukamonga criminal lawyer. Lawyer Turman is doing his duty! Through 19 years of experience, he has the ability to deal with various criminal charges, accept your case today and fight for you. He has the ability, aggressiveness, and commitment he needs in the critical aspects of his life, and he can be confident in the expression you give him. Turman is personally in charge of each case and is actively fighting on behalf of his customers. Whatever the details of your case, don't put off the support you need today. I'm a full-time employee of San Bernardion County. For more information, contact your law office and obtain the support you need.

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This review is actually Tarman & has been postponed for a long time because The law helped me a lot, locked my cases in, and I didn't have a better law firm to get rid of my worries and stress.

Obviously, in legal circumstances, we are desperate to get lawyers. a lawyer So at first (the top gun) was not the best decision, so perhaps I would have paid for it in a way that I did not need. When the years passed and the time came for the case to be settled, fortunately they were found. They showed the absolute difference between the person who actually took care of and the person who only cares about money (the previous lawyer). They did a great job to deal with my situation. Thanks!

12/26/2020 02:56pm



My mother had been convicted nearly 30 years ago of being behind the times of marijuana. When Prop64 died in 2016, we visited the law firms in Talman and Shamirian to reduce felony into a minor criminal. We thought it best to want it, but they not only convicted my mother of a felony and a minor offense, but also the judge quickly brought that wonderful lawsuit. He completely rejected the conviction! After nearly 30 years, my mother had a second chance in her normal life. She no longer has the confidence of her timeless and needs to complicate life, but she is caused by the work of Talman and Shamirian. I strongly recommend them to everyone. If I could, I would give them 1,000 stars! Unfortunately, the five were much more excellent than that, so they were limited.

01/01/2021 02:04am



My story is one of the emotional roller coasters, thanks to the Attorney General Bobby Shamirian and his wonderful team. I have come to live peacefully with my family. Everything started last year (and finally ended this year) and I was charged with the California DUI. I quickly found that a newly built life, as a fiancee, would be almost impossible to live in another state, to attend a court, to be punished by a CA, as living in another state. If I'm guilty too, I'll be fired from driving. When I was first from the court, I was afraid and anxious, but I appeared alone and at that time I was financially troubled (a big mistake). No one wants the best interest or fight to get the best results. If I had sinned, I would have seen so many things.  Very long punishments and difficulties I claimed not guilty and was sentenced  The date of the next court Thankfully I would be convicted unless someone represented me, I was able to find Bobby Shamirian just before the date of representing me in the next court. When I first consulted him on the phone, he was soon careful, caring, knowledgeable, and overall great. He relieved me and our fiancée from our troubles. I'm glad Bobby represented us! He was really concerned, proud of his work and worked hard  Me. He did not answer no, but tried every means to reduce or reject my DUI sin. Including the fact that I'll never appear in the legal battle for me!  Thankfully, his reward  I was able to hire him, but his work ethic is more than he claims, but he is really a hidden gem! Ultimately, Bobby was able to completely drop my DUI only traffic tickets! It was dropped! I will always thank Bobby and his great team with my fiancee and family. with Quirk, Jonathan, and Selma, the great secretary,  Thank you Sobrina, everyone, God's blessing!

12/28/2020 10:05pm



Kirk did a great job for me. He outnumbered the other lawyers I worked with before. He arranged for the payment with me. I strongly recommend this law office.

12/31/2020 07:48pm



I would like to thank Kirk Turman and his assistant Jesse Cock, Kirk is not just an excellent and knowledgeable lawyer. He is an excellent man.  From the day he first met, he treated us respectfully. I told us what he would do and what he would do. Available whenever you have a question.  Our life has been preserved for a year. My child's father caused a criminal case. Kirk stood by him from beginning to end. I recommend Mr. Tartman to anyone facing any criminal case. We received a verdict of "not guilty" and the judge himself informed us how lucky it was to have Mr. Tarman represent the case. Thank you for helping us get back to life! !!!

12/30/2020 09:50am



I received the DUI on May 5, 2014. I received 0.018  In the court, he complained that the fight was wet and not escaped shipwreck.  I can't express how grateful I was and how professionally I was. I only took six classes, and the insurance agreed that I would not raise my rates. I have a medical and health problem that can appeal to wet and reckless behavior, but without this law firm, I could not have done so.  I strongly recommend

12/28/2020 08:31am



Thank you for all the offices.  The employees were there whenever necessary.  They walked the entire process and explained everything to us in plain words.  Every time we called or had something to worry about, we answered our questions.

Everything went as Jesse and Kirk said.  Professionalism, knowledge and reputation have brought out our favor.

01/02/2021 08:55pm



I hired Kirk several times. Very professional, reasonable, and reliable. All the staff are professional and polite.

12/30/2020 10:13am



If you are looking for a lawyer in a DUI or criminal case, Tarman; The law firm Shamillian is a real deal. My case was complicated, and Mr. Shamirian and his men were first in class. Shamillian talked to me on the phone and answered all questions and concerns. I was actually sentenced to 90 consecutive days in prison. Parole violation. I hired Shamirian and his clerk. On the day that I was supposed to be in court, I was able to get Shamillian to take me, sentence me to prison, get a new judge, reset all my original conditions. Don't go to prison. We strongly recommend this law firm to anyone who wants criminal case assistance.

01/02/2021 07:29am



I strongly recommend this law office. They helped us a lot with the problems we had. Jesse is amazing!  He spoke to Kirk on the phone and told him how to help. The problem has been resolved. This is a very happy customer. Tell your family and friends to need this law firm. Thank you again

12/28/2020 02:44pm