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In the Mayers Row Group, APC is working on behalf of individual employees and labor unions in all areas of employment. Dell has developed and maintained a fusion of legal, class, and labor-lawyer expertise that maximizes the customer's benefit through all stages or strong representation.

Established in 2008


You've been treated unfairly at work? Are you injured at work? Know your rights! Get a free Case Study Assessment to discuss your options today. Myers Law Group (APC) is for employees only.

Myers opened the Myers Law Group (APC) and expressed each customer as a type of expression that level the play field between the customer and the employer.

David M.
business owner





The lawyer is the lawyer that the Mayers Legal Group wants. It was completely misunderstood by another lawyer company, and Maria helped me out to take care of me. Maria takes time to fully understand your case and her knowledge is far more than many companies we were sitting together with.

Stop! Repeat it! First, don't talk to the Mayers Legal Group, use another company.

Thank you for getting the results you expected, Maria.

12/28/2020 08:03am



Look for a lawyer a few days later. I found the Myers Legal Group on the web search.

We strongly recommend this company. The people in Rancho's office were all kind and polite, and there was always someone who could help them.

My first meeting was with David Myers. He was very kind and answered all my questions.
Anne Hendrix is my chief lawyer and I was not well praised.
Jason Hatcher, in my case, was always a good person because he would answer my question no matter how insignificant it is.

12/26/2020 02:03am



In my experience, they don't communicate well, they communicate contradictory messages when communicating. After the first meeting, they said  If my employer admits a reasonable reason, they will undertake and cause my case  Required documents Nearly two months later, several calls were made, left a message, finally a return call was made, and they said they would not be able to sue now because they would not benefit.  For them, $ is completely different from doing the right thing.

01/03/2021 02:45am



I'm satisfied with the Myers Law Group! When my husband needed a lawyer he called several people in this area and decided to accompany Meyer's legal group because they were so close and helpful. Now that everything is over, we can't be happier anymore! We recommend it to anyone, as it is absolutely necessary to use it again.

12/27/2020 09:46pm