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In 2003, I started practicing my immigration method. In this way, you have the freedom to work closely with your customers and provide superior customer service. 50 or more 5* reviews have been made to the Yelp, and they are successful (not all reviews are displayed). Over the past few years, we have focused on more challenging cases such as marriage fraud, temporary I-601A release, TPS, conditional status elimination, e-visas, L-1 for new offices, non-traditional occupational H-1B, business needs and other labor certification issues. I felt satisfied with my work and won the Avvo Clients' Choice Award in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Established in 2003


Since 1997, Hoang has won complaints about difficult family immigrants, I-751, marriage fraud, I-601, I-601A provisional release, K-1 fiancee and naturalization. He, along with non-migrants and permanent residents, has complex problems and seeks permanent residency and U.S. citizenship. Ms. Juan is licensed in Maryland. He is only engaged in the U.S. Federal Immigration Law, and is authorized by federal law to represent people in front of AAO, DOL, CBP and USCIS offices, including Los Angeles and San Bernardino. He is not responding to California's legal issues such as divorce, car accidents and DUI law. The talks will be held entirely at appointments. You may request a consultation fee. Drop-in discussions are not accepted. American Association of Legal Advocates: The top 100 attorneys at law awards for 2017 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Avvo Client Choice Awards 2018. Top 100 Attorneys Award 10 Best Imgration Attorneys for California for Client Satfication Award == Sample Approval == November 2019: Naturalization was approved. April 2019: Approval of reconciliation based on marriage March 2019: Naturalization was approved. January 2018 - I-601 Approved November 2017: H-1B approved May 2017: H-1B Approved February 2017: DACA reconciliation approved February 2016: I-212 Waiver Approval

American graduate School of Law and Regulation

Member of the American Association of Immigration Law Lawyers since 1997

I try to help my customers as much as possible by doing the following:

1I work for a client (&A);#39;Case My client communicates directly with me and replies as soon as possible.

2 Most of my legal fees are limited, so customers can budget accordingly and ask questions without worrying that all questions are charged.

3 My rates are rational and competitive.

4。 I take time to explain the process to the customer and tell them what they can expect.

210, 10, and 15 My office near the freeway is easily accessible from Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties. If you visit the office outside of your work hours, you have a reservation for the & weekend.

When I'm free, I'm looking forward to spending time with my family and attending concerts by Mike Shinoda and Mues.

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W. Shinobu
Rancho Cucomga, CA

I chose Ted. I know his knowledge of immigration laws and how to submit them in time. I believe my case was very difficult and very complicated. Ted gave personal attention and service to identify the best course of action. With Ted's knowledge and responsiveness, I got the results I wanted.
I received my work and travel visa and green card because Ted was very committed to getting it done. From my experience with Ted, I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional, reliable, and honest immigration lawyer.

12/26/2020 06:25pm



The experience with Ted was wonderful. He is familiar with immigration laws and, more importantly, quickly replies to emails. I recommend Ted if you have any problems with migrants, or if you want peace of mind in proceeding with the process.

01/02/2021 10:25am



Processing my green card with Atty was a painful experience. Juan. He was always a quick expert in answering our questions. He was very sincere and honest in helping us prepare for our interview. There was no problem during the Immigration Bureau's term. He's the best! Atty is highly recommended. Theodore Juan's immigration.

12/29/2020 10:43pm



Because Ted was in Avo, he decided to hire him on the basis of his excellent criticism. Through the marriage application, I started by consulting about the expectations of social status adjustment. He was very thorough and honest about the whole process. He gave us a detailed checklist of the necessary documents and always contacted us by email. He always responds by email. During the interview, he gave us a complete document about what we could expect on that day, and sent us an email about whether we had the last question on the day before the interview. The Immigration Bureau was impressed by the arrangement and details of the documents and had no problems with the application. Ted is recommended to the Immigration Bureau.

12/31/2020 12:18pm



I wrote a review of Seodore Juan. I am going to tell you how important it is to hire a immigration lawyer with expertise and responsibility in immigration law.  
My sister's identity adjustment was rejected, so we decided to hire a lawyer from a specialized immigration bureau. On the same day, I consulted with Ted, who had received a letter of denial, and the next morning I made a promise and quickly replied. We went to the company's reservation and tried to find out the reasons for denial, but he found that the denial could be fixed. I gained confidence from his words and decided to hire him and submit a motion to open again for us. To put it briefly, it's a long story. Prepare all necessary documents on time and submit them on time. The MTR was submitted at the end of February and approved by i485. We were so grateful that Ted showed us the whole process and thanks to his support we got the best results.  I share this wonderful experience here because my sister can plan a great future.

01/01/2021 01:51pm



I'm an American citizen and I marry a Khatyan.  I chose him when I saw Ted speak loudly. because he was very well-natured, knowledgeable, and sensitive.  Although the natural process sometimes felt stress and anxiety, Ted answered the questions and stood at every stage to reduce her worries.  He comes with a great template.  That was stupid.  If you fill out his template and provide the necessary documents, I am sure that the application process will succeed.  As for the price, I looked for some lawyers before I could ask for advice.  Ted was very rational and spent all his money.  I don't hesitate to use him for the immigration.

12/29/2020 03:25pm



Ted was amazing! It was very efficient to answer questions and concerns, and I was good at writing them back as soon as possible. He was happy to see us in person and after investigating our case, he handed it over to USCIC. His procedures were simple and well explained, and he was contacted by email or phone when updates were needed.
Ted, without you, we could not have done it!

12/28/2020 12:38pm



I married a Cambodian citizen in Cambodia and asked her to take her to America as a spouse.  This path is longer and more complex than a K-1 Fiancevisa.  After reading the positive review on Yelp, I called Seodore Juan.  He explained more information than I've learned from other immigration lawyers I've talked about, and the different immigration options we have available.  We decided to hire Ted.  It was certainly worth the help of a learned and experienced lawyer on our side.  He led us into every step of the process.  The most important thing is to evaluate the prompt response to questions and concerns during the immigration process.  The problems that came out were addressed immediately and the procedures for immigration were not delayed.  My wife passed the interview in her first go-round.  This was evidence of how much we were prepared as a result of Ted's efforts and support.

12/31/2020 01:01am



Don't thank me. I was applying for an H1B using his service. He always responds very well to the questions I've ever asked and is very helpful. He will clearly explain the process and all that he expects. He made sure that my application reached the first day of the open window. The best experience with him is that he always understands my worries. Thank you, Ted.

12/30/2020 07:44pm



I hired Ted as a lawyer to apply for H-1B. All the documents and letters he sent were professional-class, and I told him exactly what I was doing.  Also, my reply to my email is very fast, so I always got to it. Thank you for your help!

We are ratifiedby H-1B and we succeeded.

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TedMy request was successful!

12/31/2020 03:37am